Kelly... Again

A few days after we bought tickets to see Kelly Clarkson at the Del Mar Fair, we found out that she was playing the Orange County Fair. Even though Jason was a bit peeved when I told him this, we decided to get tickets to see her again. And since Tiffany has never been to a concert and she likes Kelly almost as much as we do, we got a ticket for her too. Our seats weren't as good as they were in Del Mar, but Kelly was just as fabulous.

The concert was held at the Pacific Amphitheater which is where I saw my first concert. As we were walking in to the show, I was telling Tiffany... "the last time I was here I saw New Kids on the Block a band that I am embarrassed to admit that I saw." Not five minutes later we over heard a lady telling someone... "the last time I was here I saw {insert same embarrassing band name here}." Tiffany and I just looked at each other and laughed.
The concert was a lot of fun and I'm glad that we got to take Tiffany to her first show.

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