How I Spent Saint Patrick's Day

Our day started out nice and early. We woke up at 6:15 (thanks, Dillon) and got ready to go out. We left the house at 7:30, hit Starbucks around 8 and dropped Dillon off at Jason's parent's house at 8:15. Next stop: The Auld Dubliner. We got there right around 9:30 (and yes, that's AM). I know, we're crazy - But at least I am part Irish and not just a random drunk. I won't bore you with all the details of the day. I will just give you some of the highlights of our 12 1/2 hours spent at The Auld Dubliner...

The Gross Things:

  • A guy puked at the bar. Literally at the bar - not just in the bar - but at it. The worse part was that it was right near our table. Umm, yuck.

  • One thing that I find disgusting in general is when people take their drinks and/or food into the restroom. I could not believe how many ladies were bringing they glasses of beer into the freakin bathroom. Do they not understand how many germs one encounters in the potty? Ewww... and some of them were even drinking their drinks in the bathroom. Once again I have to say: Umm, yuck.

Strangest Thing:

  • There was a couple who decided that they needed to make out in the middle of the bar. They were going at it for over 10 minutes and they didn't even come up for air. The only time they took a short break was when someone threw wadded up coasters at them - and even then they only paused for a second. Everyone was gawking at them and laughing. People were yelling "get a room." Me, I was half expecting that they would start disrobing.

Worst Thing:

  • The line for the bathroom sucked. There are only 2 stalls and what seems like millions of women. From about noon on there was a line that averaged 8-10 women. The desperate ones were even using the men's room. The reason I have put this under "worst thing" is because I mostly drank iced tea all day... and I have a small bladder. Not a good combination.

Cool Things:

  • Our friend's mom made the girls green scarfs with the fuzzy yarn.

  • I got to sit at a table with 7 firemen. Just me and them. Jason said that I had to take a picture with them. So I did - but not with all of them.

  • Weeman from Jackass popped in at our bar. I never really thought he would be one way or another, but he is totally different than I guess I would have expected him to be. He was a totally cool guy. He sat at the table next to ours and shook Jason's hand before he sat down. People were coming up to him and he only gave him a short handshake, but when he got the chance, he turned around and shook his hand again. He let people take pictures with him and was really down to earth. I tried to get a picture of him, but alas, my camera batteries were dead. Totally sucks how things like that always happen at the most inconvenient times. (Someone in our group did take a picture of Jason and Weeman, and I finally got it emailed to me...)

  • Some random guy bought me a beer. Now you may not think it is really that great of a thing and not worth mentioning, but I've never had some random person buy me a drink. I have been with Jason since I was 21, so I never did the whole "bar scene". So, it was the first time a guy (well, anyone actually) ever bought me a drink. Too bad that I don't really like Harp. But like they say, it's the thought that counts.

Best Sayings on Shirts

  • You looked better on MySpace

  • Kiss me I'm Mexican

  • Kiss my Irish

Best Overheard Quotes

  • A girl saying: "The last time I got a DUI" (hello? the last time? how many has she had?)

  • Someone said "I'm only 25% Irish, but I take full advantage of Saint Patrick's Day" to which some girl replied: "I'm not Irish, but I'm Catholic" (I just thought it was funny)

All in all, it was a great day. It was great hanging out with our friends and celebrating. It was fun people watching. It was smart that we stayed down the street within walking distance. It was nice to actually have a drink or two... or three... or... (and yes, I do know how much I had to drink... and I'm not saying.)

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