Splish, Splash, We're Takin' a Bath

Today it's a little on the hot side, so I decided to put on a pair of shorts - lily white legs and all. But first, I needed to shave (white legs are OK - hairy ones are not.) So, I decided to hop in the bath so I didn't have to wash my hair too. Dillon & Jason were in the living room when I started the water and pretty soon I heard Dillon making his way down the hall towards the bathroom. This little boy loves the bath so much. Well, actually he loves being in the water in general. In a few short moments he was in the bathroom - even before I made it into the bath. Jason came and took him away and closed the bathroom door on me. A few minutes later I hear crying - at the bathroom door. He crawled back down the hall and was right outside the bathroom door - mad because he couldn't come in. Jason came back and got him and brought him into the bathroom. He tried to jump out of Jason's arms and into the bath with mommy. So, we decided that even though he had just had a bath last night, and even though I was trying to be quick, that he could come in the "big bath" with mommy. He got mad when Jason was trying to undress him because it was taking so long (at least to a baby who is not getting his way) As soon as he got into the water, he stopped crying. So, we played with his boat, his stacking animal blocks, we made it rain with his cups and floated his new favorite "toy" - the lid to my hairspray. My quick bath turned into a long one and was much, much cooler than I prefer... but it was definitely more fun!

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