Tonight we went out to dinner to a place called Lonestar. It is a steak place and was really yummy. Jason and I had never been there before and we both loved it and definitely want to go back. We got there early (for a Friday night) and there was a 90 minute wait for a party of 8 plus a high chair! Holy cow (no pun intended)! We decided to take 2 tables and it reduced the wait to a little over 30 minutes. Not too bad...

While we were waiting, we overheard one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Now, it might not have been as funny if the lady would have been a young girl or even a teenager, but she was in her mid to late twenties. She was sitting there reading the menu when she asked the guy she was with if Prime Rib was ribs or some kind of steak. Are you kidding me? Where has she been hiding? Under a rock? Susan & I just looked at each other in disbelief... and then we laughed when she left. We're so mean.

This place is one of those places where all the servers take periodic breaks to dance. They all line up in the aisles and line dance. It was pretty cool - except for one thing. Apparently Dillon doesn't like country line dancing. He cried.

Did I mention that we sat at separate tables? (I think I did, but am too lazy to scroll up and double check.) Well, anyway, Jason & I were at different tables and we slid the highchair back and forth between the two of us. While Jason had Dillon, he was throwing his up in the air and catching him. One time he got him a little too close to the light fixture above the table. So, to be funny, I decided to act like a concerned citizen and went over to tell him. Excuse me sir, you are almost hitting that poor little boys head on the light, I said a little rudely. The people in the waiting area looked over, slightly surprised. Hehe. So then I kissed Jason and took Dillon...

The last thing that happened at the restaurant was that Tiffany broke the paper towel holder. It was one of the wave your hand at it and it spits out the paper towel ones. It worked fine for me, fine for Jordan, fine for Alyssa, and then along comes Tiffany. She waves at it and one comes out. She waves again and nothing. And then she waves again nothing. Haha - broken. I guess that's what pants are for.

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