Tennis, Anyone?

Today we went to play tennis. Jason hasn't played in a month because he hurt his ankle and I have not played in months. I don't even remember the last time I brought my racket along. Usually I just watch and push Dillon around in the stroller while Jason plays with whoever he has lined up, usually his best friend, Brett or his brother, Dale. When Dillon was little I could play maybe one game before he would start screaming in the stroller. We were really lucky if he was sleeping and then we could rally and then Jason would beat me. I never win (well, maybe once... or twice). I was getting better but then it became impossible to even attempt to play. Even though I stink at it, I think that playing tennis (or in my case, swing at the ball if it comes near me since I am afraid of running) is fun...

Well, like I said in the first line of this entry - Today we went to play tennis... and it was a difficult task to accomplish. When we play either Dale and/or Brett drive to us or we drive to them. Today, we drove to them. The first place we went has like 12 courts and they were all full, so we went to our 2nd choice location (which is nicer, but farther). All the courts there were full, too. So, we turn around and drive the other direction to a third destination. We ended up at the Stanton Municipal Tennis Courts. Jason said that the name sounds like a jail. Maybe that's why all 6 courts were empty? That or the fact that it's right next to a driving range and kind of hidden out of the way. I don't know. But, anyway, it was a really nice day out, Dillon enjoyed being outside and chomping on his Cheerios and I had fun hitting the ball around. Jason was mad because his ankle was still bugging him and he couldn't run as much as he would have liked to. Dale was the king of the court. He beat everybody except me... Well, actually, he didn't beat me because I didn't play him (heehee). While I was watching the boys play I snapped a few pictures (ommigosh... are those for your blog? Jason asked rolling his eyes) - but whatever here are a few that were taken...

Dillon & Mommy hanging out

Jason practicing his "Ace" serve

Brett & Dale playing a game

Brett serving the ball to Dale

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