A Few Of My Favorite Things

Jeannett did a post of her favorite things and I really liked the idea. So, here are a few of my favorite things...

~~My iPod~~

I love having all my music with me. If I feel like listening to Christmas music in July, I can. My favorite thing is that I can shuffle my five thousand plus songs and not hear the same song for months. Plus, it's great that I can hear a song by MercyMe, followed by Metallica, followed by Muse, followed by something from a musical. I love variety!

~~ Bath and Body Works Hand Soap~~
I hoard hand soap from Bath and Body Works. It's a little on the expensive side, but when it's on sale - look out! - I have to stock up. My favorite is the Kitchen Lemon. I love how it really gets rid of all the nasty cooking smells from your hands. It banishes the onion and garlic smells from my hands like magic. Maybe instead of hand soap, it's really a magic potion.

~~Black and White Pictures~~

For the first year of his life, I got Dillon's picture taken at least monthly. I know - I'm a little nuts. But, being a scrapbooker, it was necessary (in my mind at least). He was such a good little picture taker. Some of my favorite were the black and white pictures. They just look so nice. The Angel picture is probably my favorite - it was taken when he was three weeks old. I also love the ones in the three picture frame and am proud to say that they were taken by yours truly.

~~Flip Flops~

I must have a million pairs. Ok, so not really, but at least twenty. I wear them all the time - even in winter, even in the rain. I have white pairs, light blue, navy blue, silver, pink, peach and brown pairs. I have ones with decoration and plain ones. I love the ones from Old Navy - they are so cheap that I don't have to worry if one gets dirty or I loose one - I can always replace them with a new pair.


I am rarely seen without a necklace on - I wear one almost everyday. I feel naked when I don't have one on. These are the ones that I wear most often. My two favorites are the snowflake and the Breathe one. I got the snowflake one at Epcot in the Norway Pavilion and the Breathe one is from Lisa Leonard. Lisa makes such beautiful hand made jewelry. I can't wait to buy another one from her.

~~Coach Bags~~

I admit - I'm a little obsessed with them. Susan and I used scrapbook with these ladies who always had to go out and buy the newest bags - we would always laugh at them. We couldn't imagine ever spending that much money on one hand bag. Then one day I woke up and decided that I wanted one. So, I dragged Jason to the store to look and being the wonderful husband that he is, he bought me one. (I will also tell you that I am not too proud to admit that I got the first one at the Coach factory store). I was so impressed with it's quality that I was instantly hooked. (I realize that they are a bit frivolous, but when I stop and think about how many times we have gone out to eat and the bill was more than my bags, well, at least I can keep my bags.) I now own the pictured bags plus a few accessories - wallets and such. And, I proudly declare that more than one bag was purchased at the factory store - they have such great discounts (one bag was originally priced at over three hundred dollars and I got it for less than one hundred)


I love soup - plain and simple. It is so wonderful to whip up a batch of homemade chicken noodle on a cold winter day - especially when not feeling so great.


There is nothing quite like a blazing fire. I love warming up in front of the fireplace wrapped in a soft, cuddly blanket. I love the smell it makes outside and the sound of the crackling wood. In fact, one of the reasons that we ended up buying our house was because of the beautiful fireplace.

~~Cooking Light~~

Hands down - my favorite magazine. I love cooking. Actually, I love, love, LOVE cooking! It's wonderful to be able to get new recipes each month that are healthy for you, easy to make and that taste amazing. I have been a subscriber for almost eight years and have yet to find a bad recipe. Everything I have made has been totally yummy! People always comment that I am a great cook - but it's largely in part due to my secret weapon - Cooking Light.

~~My Duvet~~

I love snuggling under my duvet. Since I am allergic to down, I got a synthetic down duvet and it is just a wonderful as a down one. It's so fluffy and cozy. When I feel sick, I feel instantly better just climbing under my covers.

So there you have it - my favorites.

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Jeannett Gibson said...

A few comments:
-your hand soap collection is a total crack up! I now have to try the kitchen lemon!
-Isn't Lisa awesome?!
-Coach bags...man, I would love one, but have never been able to justify the cost!

Thanks for the post, I love this one!