Food Fight

Dillon loves to throw things. And he has perfect aim. It started out with balls. Then moved to blocks and other toys. Now it has progressed to food. He used to drop food on the floor when he was full, but now he throws food that he doesn't want. Yesterday, Tiffany was feeding him some apple wedges. He walked up to me, signed more and tried to take a bite of my apple. I looked in his mouth and he had a mouth full of peels. I told him he had to swallow the peels before I would give him a bite. He promptly pulled them out of his mouth with his hand and threw them on the floor. Then, last night at dinner, he threw a fortune cookie at Jason and hit him on the side of the head. How do you not laugh because it's pretty darn funny? But, if you do laugh, it's just enforcing his bad behavior. Well, we did laugh and so did everyone at the table next to us. Maybe next time we will not find it as funny. But, hopefully this phase will pass us quickly and there won't be a next time.

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