Labor Day Weekend

We had a very interesting weekend... But, I'm too lazy to write about everything that happened, so here is a list of highlights (and the not so great things)
Top Five Fun Things:
  1. Hung out with Derek and Susan all weekend.
  2. Had our Fantasy Football draft (here's hoping that the reigning champ - A.K.A. me - wins again.
  3. Tried a new Mexican restaurant (well, actually, two - but the first one was only new to me).
  4. Bought Dillon his first pair of "real" shoes.
  5. Had an awesome guest worship leader at church -Justin Fox.

Top Strange Thing:

  1. Had an Earthquake during church - it was as if God himself was saying "here I am." The worship leader was singing a song from God's point of view!

Top Four Sucky Things:

  1. It was hot! Actually, it was beyond hot - 115 degrees!
  2. It was so hot that on Monday the power went out - for several hours. By the time we left to come home, it was almost as hot inside as it was outside.
  3. Did I mention that it was hot?
  4. I didn't have my camera so no pictures - Boo!

Hope everyone had a happy (and cool) Labor Day!

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