Autumn Afternoon

This afternoon is such a perfect Autumn day - there is a slight breeze and the leaves are swirling about, the air is crisp and cool, but not too cold, the sun is shining brightly and there are stray wispy clouds in the sky. Tired of being stuck in the house on this wonderful day, I loaded Dillon up in the umbrella stroller and we went for a walk. It was so quiet out, except for the occasional crow cawing, that I felt as if I were walking through the country. I loved watching the wind blowing through Dillon's hair, but didn't really feel the same about it blowing mine every which way. Along the way, Dillon pointed to several "treasures" that he had to have and ended up with a collection of leaves, flowers and sticks. He is so cute, he holds them so gently in his little hands and doesn't want to get rid of them to gather the next prize, so he hands them to mommy and I store them safely in my sweatshirt pocket for him. I hope that the weather stays nice for a while so that we can continue taking our walks together.

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