Check Up

Yesterday Dillon had his eighteen month check-up. I can hardly believe that my baby is already a year and a half old. He now weighs twenty-six pounds fourteen ounces and is thirty-two inches long. Average weight but Jolly Green in height status. He also has a bit of a pumpkin head with his head measuring in the eightieth percentile - but his pediatrician said that he would grow into it. He did really well and co-operated during his whole exam - Last time he burst into tears when she put the tongue depressor in his mouth. She did tell me that he has a small hernia (I had been noticing that his little belly button was becoming an outie) but that ninety-nine percent of them heal on their own before age five. However, if it doesn't close by the time Dillon is five, he may need surgery to repair it. I am not worried because it has three and a half years to get better and I don't want to spend that much time worrying (there are plenty of other thing that require my worry time.) He met all the necessary "requirements," like identifying body parts, but he is a little short in the word department. She said that it's not really a big deal until he turns two. She suggested trying to teach him some baby signs to help ward off frustration and I told her that he already knows "more" and she was quite impressed - hooray for me! All in all, everything checks out just fine.

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