I'm Hungry

I fed Dillon lunch and then heated some leftover pizza for myself. Of course Dillon wanted some, so being the nice mommy that I am, I picked him off a few pineapple chunks. While I was eating, Jason called and while I was eating and talking to Jason, the doorbell rang and it was the plumber. I was so distracted by everything happening that I set my pizza down on the chair without realizing what I was doing. As I was talking to the plumber, it dawned on me what I had done and thought that I better move my plate to higher ground. But, it was too late - my pizza was gone from the plate. I looked at Dillon and in his little hand was the crust - that's it. He ate my whole stinking piece of pizza and now I am hungry and there is nothing left to eat.


Anonymous said...

omg that is too funny!! haha hes a little theif! haha

love, Tiffany

Rachel Slagle said...

Your mom and I say that he's a little klepto - this is just further proof :)