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Over the weekend we went to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. Truth be told, I wasn't really looking forward to going (it was my first time away from Dillon for more than one night), but I ended up having a great time! We did a little bit of gambling and a lot of sightseeing.

On Friday, we did a bunch of shopping at the outlet mall at stateline and I picked up some new serving bowls at the Williams-Sonoma Marketplace that I hope to be able to use one of these days. Friday night we hung out at the Hard Rock Casino since it was right next to our hotel (which didn't have a casino and was except for a floor or two smoke-free). It was really cool to see all the guitars and drums and clothing items that they had on display. There were two neat chandeliers - one was made out of saxophones and the other out of cymbals. Even a few celebrities were there: Willie Nelson, Gene Simmons and Vince Neil.

Saturday we had breakfast at the Venetian hotel. I ordered the french toast and it was amazing. After breakfast we wandered around the shops and then went to Paris. Susan and I strolled through all the shops and the boys played video poker. Next we took the monorail from Bally's to MGM Grand and walked from MGM to New York, New York. We had a snack and some drinks at The Nine Fine Irishman and then went back to our hotel for a few minutes of R and R. After our little break, it was off to the Hofbrauhaus, which is a recreation of the place in Germany where they have Oktoberfest. This was the place where Dale wanted to celebrate his birthday and the whole point of twelve people going to Las Vegas (and it was pretty much the only time we were all together).

Friday night at the Hard Rock, Jason got us hooked on Deal or No Deal slot machienes. We had to search for them at each and every casino we went to. It was nice because generally they were penny slots. I was so used to playing one cent slots, that I didn't even notice when I sat down at a five cent slot. Saturday, while walking through the MGM Grand, Jason gave me five dollars to play with and on my first spin, I got to play the suitcase bonus game. The banker offered me fifteen-hundred credits and I, not wanting to be greedy, decided that sure I'll take fifteen dollars. I didn't stop to think that I was actually nickels, not pennies and I had actually won a lot more than fifteen dollars - I cashed out with ninety-three dollars plus change! I was so excited because I never win on slots. So, on the way home from Vegas, we stopped at the outlets again because there were a few things there that I saw on the first trip there that were calling my name.

me taking a picture of Susan...

taking a picture of me!

Jameson... yummy!

Playing Deal or No Deal:

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