Kitchen Stuff

I am still without a kitchen. It has now been one month and sixteen days. This time last week it looked as though the kitchen would be near completion by the end of this week. But then, the figurative skies opened up and rained down on me. Or I guess you could say that I awoke from my dream to a nightmare.

We had everything all set for this week: electrician finishing yesterday, counters being installed today, appliances delivered tomorrow and installed on Thursday. The tile crew is set to start repairing drywall that has once again been ripped out by the electrician and then tiling the back splash on Saturday. All that appeared left to do were the little things: painting, installing moldings, unpacking the boxes and putting in the little decorative details. But now a wrench (or in this case wrenches) has been thrown in the plan.

We went to order the tile for the back splash on Saturday. Normally, you can order any day of the week and your order will be in on Thursday. Well, like I said that's normally... unless you pick out a custom blend mosaic tile that nobody sees it as important to let you know is a custom made thing. Nope, that won't arrive for around four weeks. Four. Long. Looong. Weeks! Stupid custom blend. Grrrr... Well, at least the normal tile that we ordered will be in on Thursday as normal.

The electrician came yesterday and mostly finished, just a few measly finish up items. But this morning I was wandering around the kitchen and it dawned on me - how could I be so stupid? Where is the stove going to plug in? Sure, it's a gas oven, but hello, it still needs a plug for the clock and stuff. So, they have to come back on Thursday and add a plug and finish up the other stuff that needs done.

So, now that makes my schedule for the week way off kilter... The counter tops are going in now, the appliances are still coming tomorrow, the electrician is coming Thursday, appliances going in on Friday, drywall and tile starting on Saturday and finishing in four weeks. Hopefully we can get everything else done in the next few weeks while we are waiting on the tile and maybe one of these days I will have a usable kitchen.

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