Bad Blogger

The other day I was called a "bad blogger." While, yes, I have been neglecting my blog a bit lately, I wouldn't say that I was a bad blogger - just a busy blogger. Between Dillon's Mommy & Me classes, going out of town for the Forth of July, coming home and then working VBS at our church every night for three hours - not including the approximately two hours of driving time, heading out of town on Thursday (yes, just four days after I got home from Bishop) and just life in general, I have had so little time to read blogs and even less time to devote to my own blog. So, now things are a bit slower in my everyday life... My calendar doesn't look like a coloring book page with stuff filled in almost every little box - there will be more time for relaxing in the backyard playing with Dillon, more time to breathe, and more time to blog.


Kristen said...

You are a busy busy blogger! I know the feeling of the calendar looking like a coloring book page. This has been a hectic summer for us as well. This Monday will be our first day all summer with nothing on our calendar - can't wait!

Cheri said...

You're not a bad blogger. Summertime is so hard to keep up with blogging.