As I was sorting laundry, Dillon was riffling through my wallet pulling out it's contents. He brought me over two pictures. I asked him who was in each of the pictures; the first he told me had Daddy in it. The second was of "Baby Nannie." It was his newborn picture and I told him it was from when he first hatched. His reply: "from an egg mommy"


Kristen said...

too funny!

Cheri said...

What a precious picture!

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

Just wait until the questions get better!!!
Colin: When are you going to eat another baby?
Me: I've never ate a baby! What makes you ask that?
Colin repeats the question a good 3 times until he finally adds, "so you can grow another baby in your belly like the garden! You know when you eat one!"

Now those are the fun ones!!!

Such a cute little picture! He's so adorable, Rach!