Palm Springs

Last weekend, Susan and I headed out to Palm Springs for a four day scrapbooking retreat. It was such a long, productive weekend - I was able to finish sixty-five pages. And besides being productive, it was super fun! I squeezed in a massage, there was a pajama party and an ice cream sundae bar.

my car loaded to capacity with all our stuff

Susan and I at Ruby's Diner

Susan hard at work

the big group

me and Susan

us at the pajama party


Kristen said...

looks like so much fun. i am impressed that you completed 65 pages - WOW! are you all caught up now?? btw, that ice cream sundae looks delicious!

Rachel Slagle said...

oh, kristen. i am not anywhere near being completed :( i did however finish my album of my trip to nyc that i took in december. dillon's book is really in need of some work - he's still in the hospital :)