Broken Vows

A long time ago I made a vow to myself. I would never let my kids watch Barney. There really is nothing wrong with Barney, he's just annoying. His voice grates on my nerves, his laugh makes me cringe, he is so over the top that I want to vomit and Dillon absolutely loves him. And Baby Bop.

One night a few months ago we let Dillon watch him. Only once. And then before we went to my mom's for the Fourth of July I went to Target to pick up some DVDs for Dillon to watch on the long car ride and what did he see? "I see Barney, Mommy" The kid has an amazingly enormous memory. It had been forever since that big purple dinosaur graced the television in our house. Fast forward to a few days ago... it's six thirty in the evening and Dillon is super hyper and it just so happened that the only show on is you guessed it... Barney. So we let him watch it. And now he wants to watch it all day every day. "Where Barney go, Mommy?" "I want see Baby Bop." Uggghh. I have created a monster. And broke my vow to myself. And I am sure that this is probably only one of many "when I'm a parent" vows.

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Kristen said...

i am so laughing right now. i am not a fan of barney either...when we were moving here my mom bought landon a barney dvd for the car. he watched it a few times but then i sort of hid it away. as the kids were packing for this weekend they put it in for mauryn. she liked it but i am hoping i can still sway her to enjoy something else - like the wiggles. i realized we didn't have any wiggles dvd (still vhs) until we were ready to go. i will be fixing that situation before our next trip. barney has been around forever- my niece who will be 18 this week was a HUGE fan.