Some People

Some people are so dishonest. It really shouldn't surprise me - but it does. I'm not really sure why, because it kind of seems to be the norm. Yesterday I bought a carpet cleaner from Target... Today I took it back. Here is my story why:

The carpets were looking a little spotty after a year of having a baby and light beige carpets. There were spots from little drops of formula, places where Dillon decided to spit up and the more recent event which finalized my decision on purchasing a carpet cleaner - a dirty diaper that was a little too close to Dillon while he was being change, which he grabbed and threw and then rolled into the mess. Yuck!! So, I did a little research on carpet cleaners and made my mind up on which one I wanted. Dillon & I went to buy the cleaner and there was only one there. The box had been opened and resealed , much to my dismay, but I figured that there were a million reasons that the box could have been opened. So, I got it. I decided that I would wait to clean the carpets until this morning, instead of going with Jason to his brother's to drop off and pick up some stuff - this way I could be Dillon-Free and not have to worry about what he was getting into while I was cleaning. So, I sent the boys off and dragged the box in the house from the garage - which wasn't really an easy task - that box was darn heavy! I peel of the tape and start to unload the parts which need assembled. As I'm unpacking I notice some water spots on the tank. What? Hmmmm... I pull out the base of the cleaner and it takes me less than 2 seconds to figure out that this cleaner has been used. That's right - USED! It is so disgustingly dirty. Lint & hair in the rollers. Carpet fuzz everywhere! If I would have decided to keep it and use it myself, it would have, I'm sure, made the carpets look worse than they already did. And, not only did whoever was so dishonest to return the thing in the first place, use the carpet cleaner they actually used the samples of the cleaning formula and precleaner formula and then had the audacity to put them back in the box half empty! At this point, I'm totally mad and I call Jason and tell him that I have to take the stupid thing back. So, I figure out the puzzle that is getting all the parts to fit back in the box, load the stupid thing into my car and waste the next 2 hours that were supposed to be cleaning time, returning the cleaner and hunting down a new one at another Target. What a waste of time! So, now, I have only a small portion of the carpet cleaned and have to figure out a way to get the rest done with Dillon in the house. Some People!!

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