Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday... So, in honor of Me, here is a list of 100 things about me. It was from my other blog, but I decided to move it here. A friend had challenged me to come up with the list.
1. I love being a Mommy

2. I really wanted a little girl, but God blessed me with a son. I have fallen so in love with him, that I actually kind of hope that our next baby is another boy.

3. I would go barefoot all the time if that was possible

4. I would much rather be cold than hot. When you're cold, you can always add layers, but when you're hot, it's not like you can run around naked.

5. Winter is my favorite season. I love to look at the snow, it is so beautiful... but it is best enjoyed from the comfort of the house or car - with the heater on.

6. I have never drank so much that I threw up or passed out.

7. I am adopted

8. I take pride in being a "know-it-all." I am almost always right and sometimes, you can even win money from your brother-in-law when you are indeed correct.

9. When winning said money from said brother-in-law, I used to think... hmmm what will I buy myself. Now I think, hmmm... what will I buy for Dillon.

10. I love all things Disney. Disneyland, DisneyWorld, Disney Movies...My head is so full with Disney Trivia. My brain absorbs it like a sponge.

11. My dream kitchen would have 3 ovens and 2 dishwashers. The kitchen I am actually getting is going to have 2 ovens and 1 dishwasher. I have room for 3 ovens and 2 dishwashers, but I'm being realistic... I really don't need 3 ovens and 2 dishwashers.

12. One of my favorite hobbies is planning parties (for myself and helping others.) I love putting together all the details - the menu, entertainment, the decorations... My favorite party so far was Jason's 30th birthday party, followed by my GameNight New Year's Party.

13. I really enjoy cooking. I even have a few "signature" dishes that get lots of requests at family get togethers.

14. I like eating spicy foods. I didn't used to. Kung Pao Chicken & Buffalo Chicken Strips are my favorite spicy foods.

15. I have no sisters... but I have a brother and 3 step-brothers. I always wished I had a sister.

16. I like swimming, but I HATE getting my hair wet while swimming.

17. I finally like my hair. Shorter, darker and straight. Jason likes it the "natural" way - Longer, blonder and curly.

18. I would much rather load the dishwasher than unload it and put the dishes away.

19. My favorite restaurant is Ruth's Chris. Too bad it's so expensive.

20. Even though I love cooking, I would eat out every day if I could. And by eating out, I don't mean take-out.

21. I like chocolate. My favorite is dark chocolate.

22. I don't really like pizza, but I craved it while I was pregnant.

23. I have been in love three times. Two of those I still am in love with - Jason & Dillon.

24. I love riding roller coasters. I wish I could find one that was actually scary.

25. I can't wait to go back to Hawaii. I loved it there so much.

26. I hate that like 99% of frozen foods have those stupid red peppers in them. It ruins the food.

27. I would love to visit Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and England. The closest I have come to traveling the world was going to the World Showcase at Epcot

28. I rode Mission: Space at Epcot.

29. I am not a morning person. I like staying up late.

30. My favorite thing to drink is Iced Tea. It must have lots of ice in it. I hate Iced Tea without ice.

31. I love going to the spa. It is a really nice treat. It's so nice to feel pampered every once in a while.

32. I have more than one "baby Einstein" cd on my iPod.

33. I once had yearly passes to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm at the same time

34. Cutting Dillon's nails is one of the scariest things I have to do on a reoccurring basis.

35. I sometimes forget peoples names and it's usually the people who I am closest to.

36. I love getting all dressed up, but hate wearing heals.

37. The time I was most scared when I was car jacked

38. I cry easily. I cry watching movies, tv and even at commercials.

39. I have only been in one car accident and it wasn't my fault.

40. I sing in the shower and I sing in the car. I love to sing!

41. I used to feel jealous of pregnant ladies because I wanted a baby. Now I am jealous of pregnant ladies because I loved being pregnant and I really miss it.

42. I make homemade cards. I have made our Christmas cards more than once.

43. I love taking pictures.

44. I like Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds. My favorite are the round ones.

45. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent. I doubt I will ever use my license.

46. I am a licensed ter mite inspector.

47. My most embarrassing moment in high school was getting knocked over onto my head in the quad at Saddie Hawkins my senior year.

48. I once wanted to marry Prince William. Instead, I married a different prince

49. I don't really like going to the beaches here in So. Cal. I hate how you feel dirty when you leave.

50. I am a HUGE hockey fan! I love the Ducks & seeing the fights

51. My favorite football team is the Patriots...

52. I love Tom Brady

53. I own a Nintendo Game Cube. I played it almost everyday for an entire year.

54. I don't like staying by myself over night. I'll admit it - I'm a big chicken.

55. I usually don't watch the news. It's always sad.

56. I was a cheerleader in high school, but really didn't like football (or understand it for that matter)

57. I like being the one who retrieves the mail from the mail box. I get mad at Jason when he grabs it first to annoy me.

58. I think that being a stay at home mom is the greatest job in the world. I love it. I don't think everyone is cut out to do it and if you don't like it you should work outside the home.

59. I like buying new clothes for myself. I am always happy when we have to go to an "event" because then I can get a new outfit.

60. I love buying new clothes for Dillon. It's become almost an obsession.

61. I love rainbows. They make me happy and remind me of God's promise.

62. I am addicted to Rachael Ray. 30 Minute Meals is GREAT and the food she makes is Yum-o. Her talk show is the only talk show that I watch.

63. My favorite movie soundtrack is from Edward Scissorhands. I walked down the aisle to the song "Ice Dance"

64. I miss performing on stage. Acting and Singing - I miss both.

65. I loved singing in the Fullerton College Concert Choir. The audition for that was really nerve racking.

66. It bugs me when a couple sit next to each other in a restaurant. The should sit across from each other. Do they sit side by side at home?

67. I am afraid of spiders.

68. I am hooked on reruns of Murder, She Wrote.

69. I have a fear of running. I always worry that I will fall.

70. I am afraid of riding a bike for the same reason.

71. My biggest irrational fear is falling and breaking my front teeth

72. I have 3 nieces and 4 nephews

73. My fantasy football team went to the "Superbowl" my first year playing. I was the only girl and I beat all the boys.

74. I love listening to Christmas music. I have been known to pop in a Christmas CD in July.

75. I like to save my Christmas and Birthday cards.

76. My favorite day of the week is Wednesday.
77. I have broken my arms a total of 3 times.

78. I have been married for over 5 years.

79. I spend way too much time online.

80. I do not tan - I only burn.

81. I love the sound of Dillon's laugh

82. I like watching cartoons.

83. I like playing games on pogo.com

84. I love shopping at Target. I spend way too much money there.

85. My first job was a photographer.

86. I worked in a library.

87. I sang on worship team at 2 churches.

88. I don't like to drink milk. I only like it in my cereal or if it's chocolate.

89. I love making gift baskets for people. It's my favorite way to give a gift.

90. I watch the ABC Soaps. I have for as long as I can remember.

91. The first concert I went to was New Kids on the Block (kind of embarrassing to admit).

92. I also went to see Paula Abdul.

93. I have seen the Dixie Chicks in concert 5 times. I even saw them in Las Vegas.

94. I always put my shopping cart back in the collection area. It irks me when people just leave them where ever they fancy.

95. I love the sound of an English or Australian accent - Especially on a cute guy :)

96. I have read all of the Harry Potter Books twice.

97. I love going to Sea World. I can't wait until Dillon is old enough to take him there.

98. The first time I felt Dillon kick was at a Ducks game. The first time I felt him go nuts was at the Kelly Clarkson concert.

99. I am a HUGE procrastinator

100. It took me way longer than I would have ever imagined to come up with this list.

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