Dillon's Party

We had Dillon's birthday party on Saturday. All in all it was really nice with only a few minor problems. All the important people in Dillon's life were there - Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and a few friends. The worst problem of the day was that it was supposed to be 80 degrees out and I bought Dillon a cute pair of shorts and well, it was in the 60's and there were a few sprinkles. So, after everyone saw him in his Birthday outfit, I changed him into pants.

We had the party catered by a company that makes tacos. The food was absolutely wonderful. We chose Carne Asada, Carnitas and Pollo. They also made grilled onions, rice, pinto beans and two kinds of salsa - a hot one and a hotter one!

I made the cakes for the party and they turned out pretty good (especially since it was the first time I have attempted to decorate a cake). I made they to look like baby blocks. I made a vanilla layer cake, a chocolate layer cake, and a little mini block layer cake for Dillon. He did really well with his cake and didn't smash it to bits - but he was a double fisted cake eater.

Dillon got lots of really nice presents. But the sunglasses that Alyssa got him really stole the show. He knew that they were on his face, but couldn't quite figure out where they were at. He kept trying to pull them off of the top of his head. He had everyone in stitches, which of course made him crack up, too.

After the party was over, Grammie gave him a bath and then he played with some of his balloons. He was so exhausted that he went right down to bed when it was time.

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