A Fun Cousin Visit

Yesterday I had my niece and nephew, Jordan and Ryan over. Since they were undoubtedly bored out of their skulls, I decided that we would go to the park for a picnic for lunch. This would also be Dillon's first trip to a playground. So, when lunchtime approached, we went to Subway and got some sandwiches, sides and drinks. No more are the days when all you could get was chips, now you can choose apple wedges or raisins or yogurt. How healthy. Off we went to the park for our picnic. We opted to sit on a blanket and forgo the table - even though it was right next to where we laid our blanket. It was such a nice day out and the sun felt so nice and warm on my face.

After we ate, we went and played on the playground. We pushed Dillon in the swing - which he loved - and then Ryan took him down the slide a few times. I'm not sure how he felt about the slide - he had no reaction. We played for a bit and then packed it up and headed home. Dillon was so worn out that he barely made it into his crib before he fell asleep.

Since Dillon was sleeping, we busted out the Game Cube and played Mario Party 7 the rest of the afternoon - even after Dillon woke up. He was trying like crazy to grab our controllers, so we gave him an old one from the Nintendo 64 and he was pleased as punch. At one point when he was bored, he found the reset button for the Game Cube and there went the game - on our last turn, no less. But, we were in luck - it automatically saves the game - Yippee!!

We went out to Shakey's pizza for dinner - something that we never do - and then went for ice cream for dessert. Came home and played more Mario Party. We (or at least I) had a great time - what fun I (and Jason and Dillon) had with Ryan & Jordan!

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