Still Watching...

Ok, so, yes, I will still be watching American Idol even though Sanjaya is still around. I will give it another week because, truth be told, I have to agree with Simon - He wasn't horrible. It was actually pretty good and I didn't have to run from the room covering my ears while he was singing. So, I don't usually run from the room, but I usually do have to leave the room while he's singing. I think that the right person was sent home this week - but next week Sanjaya better be packing his bags and heading home.

And while I'm thinking about it - Poor Phil Stacey! That guy has been in the bottom 3 like every week! And, he's really not that bad... I think he's good. At least better than Sanjaya. Maybe it's because he's kinda funny looking - he kind of reminds me of that "bat child" that you see on the cover of those cheaper "National Enquirer" magazines at the news stands. I don't know. But since we know Sanjaya won't be leaving this week, it will probably be poor Phil. Hopefully, Sanjaya can't sing country - I can't picture it.

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