Day One - We Have Arrived

Our flight left LAX this morning at six thirty. It wouldn’t have seemed so early if Tiffany and I hadn’t decided that staying up all night was the smart thing to do. The flight was very uneventful – just a bit bumpy. The worst part was the rude ladies that were sitting in front of us. All three of them leaned their seats back as far as humanly possible as soon as we took off. I had to sit for over five hours with a seat back a whopping foot from my face. It was so stinking inconsiderate on their part – I couldn’t even use my laptop because I couldn’t open the screen enough to even be able to see it. So for my payback, every time I needed to get something out of my bag, I made sure to bump the back of the seat as much as I could. The stupid lady didn’t even seem to notice – she just slept the whole time.

We took a shuttle to our hotel and my first impression of driving in New York was that it was like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland! People here drive nuts! Seriously. I loved looking at all the buildings as we passed through Queens – they have so much personality to them. We arrived at our hotel – The Broadway Plaza – and checked in. Tiffany, Alyssa and I have decided that it reminds us of the Tower of Terror (not really sure why everything here reminds me of Disneyland).

For dinner we went to celebrate our arrival at Ruth’s Chris. Since we weren’t ready to tackle the subway quite yet, we decided to take a taxi, but since there are six of us, we had to take two. It cost us almost thirty dollars to go less than twenty-five blocks! Holy cow it was expensive. But at least the dinner was as yummy as always. Because the ride to the restaurant cost us an arm and a leg, we chose to take the shoelace express back to the hotel. We walked through time square, saw where all the people stand in the street screaming outside of MTV and walked past the Macy’s. Time Square is so stinking small – it’s like two feet wide (ok, not really, but it looks huge on TV).

I can’t wait for our real adventures to begin tomorrow!


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