Day Six - Hard Day

Today we visited Ground Zero. Before we went to the actual site, we went to the Ground Zero Museum Workshop. It is a small museum that was created by Gary Suson, the official photographer of Ground Zero (he was the only photographer allowed after week three.) It was surreal looking at his photographs and the artifacts he collected. I learned so much more about that horrific day. One of the things that I learned was that out of all the glass that was on all the buildings, only one percent was left - most of it melted. I could have literally stayed in the one thousand square foot museum all day. Before going to the museum, it was easy for me to question "how could God have let this happen?" Now I am fully positive that He was there while it happened - besides the beams falling into a cross, one of the most remarkable things was that a single page from the Bible (not the whole thing) was found. It was Genesis eleven - the Towers of Babylon and highlighted was "Let us understand each other." How amazing God is! After we left the museum, he headed down to the actual site. It is so hard to see how bad it still looks now and think that it happened over six years ago - I can not even begin to imagine how all the destruction looked right after is happened. Seeing it up close and personal is life changing.

While we were wondering around near Ground Zero, we stumbled upon The Soup Man restaurant. We had planned to eat at a different one earlier in the week, so we decided to have lunch there today. The Soup Man is the restaurant that the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld was modeled after. The soup was really good.

For dinner we had reservations at The Hudson Cafeteria inside the Hudson Hotel. Getting there was an adventure all of it's own. We popped out of the subway station and were faced with a street that was a circle with a bunch of arms. The streets were going every which way and we were totally confused. After looking around puzzled for a few minutes, we (and by we I mean Susan) called the place and asked them how to get there. After getting the directions, we were on our way. We found the place, which was still not an easy task - the place has no street numbers or name of any sort on the building! We went in the building that we thought was it (Susan's cousin had told her that the bar had green lights and we saw some green lights) and there was still no indication as to whether or not we were in the right place. We went up an escalator and saw a front desk - and still no sign. We (again, Susan) asked the guy if we were in the right place and thankfully we were. We went to the restaurant, which the only word that comes to mind to describe the place is, well, swanky. I told Susan that I felt totally out of place, like I (we?) weren't hip enough to go there. Although, we did enjoy a wonderful meal of "upscale comfort" food. (And comfort food was much appreciated after such an emotional day!)

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