Day Three – Shopped ‘Til We Dropped

Today we hit the town and the town hit back. I am so tired after all the walking and all the carrying of bags. Seeing all the window displays and decorations was awesome. It was so dreamlike. It made the Christmas season seem more “real”.

We shopped (and window shopped) all up and down Fifth Avenue. I bought a puzzle, an alphabet book and a stuffed Dalmatian for Dillon at F.A.O. Schwarz (the very first store we went to) and then had to carry around a heavy bag for the rest of the day. Yesterday I kept seeing people carrying around these shopping bags that were black with white snowflakes and red handles – I decided that I had to have one! It turns out that they are from Saks Fifth Avenue. So, I went in there thinking that I would just buy something – anything really – as long as it was inexpensive. That was no small task – that place is high dollar. I thought I could get something cheap – like a pair of panties – but their panties are like forty (forty!) dollars. I ended up finding a cute shirt for Dillon that was on sale and got my black bag! And then on the eighth floor (this place is TEN stories!) I found a Christmas in New York City book… so, I bought that too and now I have two of my coveted bags from Saks! I also bought some pins from the World of Disney (the place is three stories!) and a bracelet at Tiffany’s (my anniversary present from Jason).

For lunch we ate at a place called The Chocolate Bar. I had a yummy B.L.T. – it had prosciutto instead of “regular” bacon. The food was really good, but the service sucked! In fact, I would say that the service ruined the meal. Bummer.

We just got back from the Empire State building where it was super windy and super cold – but the view of the lights was amazing! You could see the tree at Rockefeller and what looked like little ants skating on the ice rink. We also walked by Macy’s to see the Christmas windows – really fantastic!

Saint Patrick's Cathedral - Absolutely Beautiful

yes, it is a real street sign

Me: nice, Jason: naughty

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