Ahoy Matey

From this past Friday night until next Monday, Jason and I have our nephew and two nieces (which is why I was at a football game yesterday all by my lonesome). I have planned the weekdays full of fun activities, of which they have no clue what they are. I made up a pirate themed “travel brochure” giving details of what they should pack – besides the obvious items like underwear and a toothbrush and listed the “port cities” that we would be visiting. They reason that I went with the pirates and ports are because their mom and dad are on an Alaskan cruise and, well, it went along with that. They got their brochures and have been trying to guess where we are going since. Stay tuned this week for our “Port Ahoy Matey” adventures!

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Jeannett Gibson said...

How creative! What a fun way to keep the kids entertained! I'll have to remember that!