Soak City

Today we went to Soak City. Jason's brother came with us, plus two of Tiffany's friends - There were ten of us! I was totally excited because I was able to float around the lazy river three times in a row... Jason usually only last a maximum of twice around and then he is so bored he has to get out. My nieces wanted to go around three times, so who was I to complain? This was also the first time that I went all the way into the wave pool. Normally I have Dillon with me so I can only venture in up to my knees, but this time, I was able to go into the deep end. I am now totally in love with the wave pool! I even broke rule number one in the Rachel handbook - I got my hair wet - which is something that I never, ever, ever do.
The food at Soak City is really expensive and really gross. So, this time, since there were so many of us, we packed an ice chest with drinks and food. Tiffany made ten sandwiches and we brought along some chips and pretzels. This was definitely a great way to go!

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