Go Panthers Go! Move People Move!

This morning I am at my nephew Ryan’s football game. (I love laptops!) He had to be here an hour before his game started and when we got here there was a game going on. It was so stinking cute – the players had to be like six! They were so into it! They were rubbing each other s heads after great plays and they run so fast for being so small. My nephew’s game is just starting and I thought that I had picked a good place to set my chair – that is until two groups of people decided that the best place for them to stand was right in front of me! How freaking rude these people are. Now I am stuck getting only the occasional glimpse of the field when they shift their weight. And it’s not like I can even move my chair because over the last hour, all the places have been taken. Sometimes I really hate people! I had also brought my camera to take pictures, but alas, the batteries have perished. Grrrrr

So, now it's halftime and the sea of people standing in my way has cleared. Yeah!

Third Quarter... Now there is some annoying parent from the other team. The other team scored a touchdown and the dad starts yelling over and over "we're not the same team you saw last year, are we?" I want to go smack the guy. Oh, cool, our team has just scored not one, but two touchdowns. Hooray! That shut Mr. Annoying up!
Well, now the game is over and the Panthers have won 49-14! Oh, and by the way, I'm way burned. Ouch!

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