Zoo Fun

The last stop of the week was the Los Angeles Zoo. Jordan and Dillon didn't get to go with us - Jordan wasn't feeling well and I didn't want to drag Dillon around the zoo in the hundred degree heat. We did another photo scavenger hunt. This time they needed to take pictures of specific things such as a picture with at least two different kinds of animals in it and an animal that starts with the letter D. All day long we teased Ryan to watch out for birds - we told him that the hawks and vultures were staring him down and trying to figure out how to get him. For some reason, the meerkats were my favorite part of the the zoo. They were so cute and fun to watch. They even politely posed for pictures. The zebras were pretty cool, too. They were all standing in a big group and they really did blend in together. My least favorite thing (and Tiffany's too) were the spiders. They had a whole spider exhibit and those suckers were gross... They had big, fat hairy ones and itty bitty small ones - I disliked all of them! I felt like something was crawling all over me the whole time we were in the building. Ick! It was a hot day, but we had fun despite this. Tiffany and I drove the boys crazy on the way to and from the zoo listening to the soundtrack for High School Musical 2. By the time we got back home, the boys were singing along. I forgot my camera so most of the pictures were taken by Tiffany and Ryan (I borrowed Tiff's camera to take a few pictures)...

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