Wonderful Weekend

We had such a great weekend. It was beyond busy, but, tons of fun!

Friday night we went out to Corona. I went to see "High School Musical" (the play - not the movie) at Riverside Community College with Susan, Tiffany and Tiffany's boyfriend, Rich. We got totally lost on the way and missed almost all of the first act - what a bummer. We were given the wrong directions and basically drove around in circles - we got a great scenic tour of old, historic Riverside. But what we saw of the musical was really well done. It really made me miss being up on the stage singing, dancing and acting! After the play, we went to grab some dinner at my new favorite restaurant, Wood Ranch. They have the best mashed potatoes I have ever had.

Saturday we invited my cousin Aaron, his wife, Danielle, and their baby, Addison over for a BBQ. My brother, David, and his girlfriend, Kara, also came over. Dillon and Addison were so fun to watch together. It was a total crack up - every time Addison cried (which was a ton at first - she was afraid of Jason and David) Dillon would start crying too! They didn't really play "together" they more just played by each other. They did have some encounters, like when my baby the bully threw a ball at Addison and nailed her right between the eyes. I think that she was in shock because she didn't even cry at first. I am really hoping that Dillon will grow out of being the bully. While we were eating dinner, all the electricity went out. My first thought was that the new A/C had zapped the power, but after we sent my brother down the street on a bike, we found out the the power was out in the whole neighborhood. As it was getting darker and hotter in the house, I was ready to start lighting candles. Luckily, just as it was getting too dark to be comfortable, the power came back on. It was great being able to hang out with a married couple with a baby close in age to Dillon. Hopefully, they will want to come over again, despite the fact that Dillon is a bully in great aim... (I guess I should mention that we all laughed after it happened - mostly because it was so shocking.)

On Sunday, we went to a new church. We thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to return. The church was large enough to where we just blended in with everyone else, but not so big that we were lost and overwhelmed. The pastor was awesome and his message was great - not boring at all! I LOVED the worship! I knew all the songs except one. Jason was excited that they played two of our songs (meaning songs he played on the worship team of our old church.) It was amazing to be able to praise God freely knowing all the words. My only complaint was that the lady behind me was tone deaf and it was hard to tell if I was singing on key. The nursery was a large room with lots of great toys for Dillon. They had soft mats to climb all over. They had a pager system which was great to put my worry aside - he's only been left with "strangers" once. He didn't appear to enjoy this - when I was walking to the room to pick him up after the service, I heard a baby crying. I told Susan that it sounded like Dillon and sure enough - it was! They said he didn't cry too much. Hopefully, next weekend things will go more smoothly for him.

After church, we went to lunch at El Torito (it was my Ryan's pick). After lunch, we went shopping around for RV's. We're not quite ready to buy one, but it was so fun looking at all the different ones. We decided on the size we want, now we just have to decide which one we want. But that's still about a year (or two) down the road. After shopping, we went back to Derek and Susan's an just hung out and relaxed. Then we went out to dinner at... WOOD RANCH! I had the exact same thing that I had on Friday and it was just as yummy the second time around. I drove Jason crazy all day saying that he had to go to Wood Ranch. Our conversations that day went something like this:

Jason: I'm hot.
Me: You know where it's cool? Wood Ranch.
Jason: I'm thirsty.
Me: They have drinks at Wood Ranch.
Jason: I'm...
Everyone not named Jason: Wood Ranch

I think you get the point. I've already started my rally for Wood Ranch this week after church (hehe).

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