A Is For Aquarium

Our first adventure was the Aquarium of the Pacific. And what an exciting adventure we had. We started our day out with Ryan puking in the parking lot. Joy. We were just starting to explore the first section of the aquarium and had been there for maybe thirty minutes when the fire alarm went off and the whole place was evacuated. While we were waiting to be allowed back in, Ryan threw up in the ocean. Luckily, this was the last time he had "issues" and luckily, it was a false alarm so they let us back in. I gave the kids an alphabet photo scavenger hunt and told them to be creative with it - and they really were. They had to find something that either started with the letter or represented the letter. They took some awesome pictures!

We thoroughly explored the aquarium and decided that the lorakeets were the highlight. They were absolutely beautiful! They were an awesome shade of green. You could buy bird nectar and the birds would land on you to drink from the cup - at one point Jason had two birds on him. Ryan really liked the birds, but they didn't like him - he got bit by two of them! I guess that I should have prefaced this with they fact that they tell you not to pet or try to grab the birds. I asked Ryan why the first bird bit him and he says that he tried to pet the bird. Oh brother!

Dillon really liked the fish. He was pointing at everything! He also enjoyed the Lorakeets and from what we could tell, he wanted on to land on him, too. But, I didn't dare let him try! He didn't want to be cooped up in his stroller, so we had to carry him a lot - he really just wanted to be down crawling around. But he was a trooper and did pretty well considering that we were there for around three hours.

I really enjoyed the aquarium and highly recommend it. I would like to go back sometime (just maybe without five kids in tow) so that I could read more of the signs and stuff.

Dillon asking for more green beans - what a polite baby :)

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