Dillon's Fortune

Last night we went out to dinner. I know what you're thinking, and no, we do not generally eat every meal out. We do go out maybe once or twice a week, but not often on the same day. The truth is, I love cooking. So, we were going to go to Taco Bell, but then on the way there, Jas decided that he didn't want Taco Bell. He had no idea what he wanted, so there we were aimlessly driving around. We finally chose to go to a different Mexican place (can you really call Taco Bell a Mexican place?) but then at the last second, we ended up going to a Mongolian BBQ.

I don't know if you have ever been to a Mongolian BBQ, but they are pretty cool. You pick out your (raw) meats, pile on your veggies, make a sauce concoction from all the different sauces, and then pile on the noodles to top it off. I have seen some people build their bowls to almost a foot high. Even though, we have been going to the BBQ for over 2 years, I am still mastering the art of bowl building. Anyway, after you build your bowl, you take it to the cooks who cook it on this gigantic griddle. It's a fun way to do dinner. Moving on with my tale...

So, I am up at the bar building my bowl, and I hear this baby scream. It sounds just like Dillon, but he rarely screams - and this baby is not happy - and Dilly is always happy. It was a short, mad yell. I look over to our table and Dillon is fine. As the guys are cooking my bowl, I hear the scream again. My eyes scan the restaurant and I don't find any other babies, so it must be him. I get back to the table and discover that one of the waitresses had given Dillon a Fortune Cookie. It was still in the wrapper and Jason had tried to take it away from him, which made Dillon VERY ANGRY! At this point, Dillon is happily waving around his wrapped cookie and banging it on the table. He hits it so many times that the package opens and the cookie falls out of the bag. I quickly whisk it out of sight and now the question becomes: How do I get the bag away from him? I try to take it from him - he screams. I give it back just as quick as I snatched it away. I try to make a trade - the wrapper for some Cheerios. He takes the Cheerios and, well, I get the short end of the stick. He got the O's and he still has the stupid wrapper. I decide to just let him have it, after all, he is happy. He is making so much noise: crinkling it and smacking the table, but no one really seems to mind - at least he is not screaming. Finally, he drops the wrapper on the floor. I tell Jason to slide it under the table before Dillon looks down and see it lying on the floor. He hasn't noticed yet that it is gone and once he does, it's gone forever. He is now happy without the dumb cookie and it's wrapper.

We have now entered a new Dillon stage: The "I want it and don't even think about taking it away from me or I'll scream my head off" phase. Oh boy! And the funny thing about Dillon and his new "talent" is that, well, he only screams when it's something he's not supposed to have. You take a toy away from him - he laughs. You grab his sucky out of his mouth - he smiles and then opens his mouth for you to put it back. He grabs a wipe (don't worry - it's clean) while you're changing him, you take that away from him - he screams and cries until you give it back.

Well, that is the end of this tale and if you were wondering, Jason ate the fortune cookie. Dillon's fortune was "Struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in." I guess in baby, that translates roughly to: Scream as long and loud as it take to get what you want.

Oh, and his lucky numbers were 1, 5, 18, 23, 47, 35...

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