New Seat

Today I made a sad realization... My baby boy is turning into a little boy. He has officially outgrown his infant car seat. I vividly remember installing his Graco SnugRide into my car almost a year ago. After it was installed, I then double checked that it was in correctly. And after I double checked it, I triple checked it. I made sure I knew what every button and buckle was for. I remember putting Dillon in it for the first time when we were bringing him home from the hospital. He looked so small in his car seat...

Well, today, I have replaced his baby car seat with a "big boy" car seat. He will now be cruising in his posh Britax Marathon seat. The box says that it is "First Class Travel For Children." It feels really soft, like velvet. In fact, I wouldn't mind siting in it.

When I put him in it for the first time, he seemed a little confused. He saw his old car seat on the garage floor and was reaching for it. Now that he has rode in it a couple of times, I think that he likes it. He is really quiet in it - quiet to the point that I thought he was sleeping. But, since it sits higher than the old seat, he is able to see out the window and really check things out. So, the times that I thought he was sleeping - he was actually looking out the window.

Well, here he is - all cozy in his new seat. At least he looks smaller in this seat...

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