Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show. I am never disappointed and am often surprised and even sometimes floored by what happens. That being said, last nights conclusion to the 3 part Ferry episode stunk. Seriously. (If you watch Grey's and haven't seen last nights episode, I wouldn't read any farther until you do.)

The first 2 of the 3 were fantastic. My jaw practically hit the floor when Meredith asked if she was dead and Denny replied "You bet you are." Oh my gosh - Denny! and the Bomb guy!! Brilliant. And then there was the whole Ferry stuff. So chaotic. So amazing. I actually felt overwhelmed.

Then comes last nights "devastating conclusion" as the commercials has said. It was totally obvious that Meredith was not going to die. After all, it's "Grey's Anatomy," so how could they possibly kill of Grey? Seriously, I mean, it's not like they would rename it to McDreamy's Anatomy. And since they called it devastating, I knew someone had to die and my first guess was Ellis.

So, the whole episode didn't stink. There were a few good moments. I loved when Christina went shopping at the 99 cent store and then she showed all the stuff to Joe. She was so impressed that you could get furniture for 99 cents. Too funny. And then, I cried when she came in the room where they were working on Meredith and she made them try again to save her after they had stopped. It was great to see Ellis tell Meredith that she wasn't ordinary. But my favorite part of the whole episode was the ending. I cried again - and harder - when Izzy and Denny passed each other in the hall and she stopped. So sad but so wonderful.

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