Go Colts!!

Well, today is the day of the SuperBowl. Superbowl Sunday. I for one am excited this year. I actually care who wins today because one of my favorite teams and quarterbacks is playing. I am rooting for... you guessed it - Peyton Manning and the Colts. I say one of my favorite teams because I have 2. I am a through and through Tom Brady lover. In fact, I would leave Jason in a heartbeat for him and Jason knows it (don't feel too bad for him though - he would leave me even faster for Kelly Clarkson :))
But, today, it's all about the Colts. Peyton was my fantasy football quarterback all season and he led me and my team - the Dillonators - to the fantasy football superbowl and we won!! Me, the only girl, beat all the boys - Thanks in part to Mr. Manning! So today, I hope that he can do it again - this time for real!! That guy deserves a Superbowl ring. He truly is one of the best players ever. Lets just hope the the Indy defense shows up to the game.
And with that I am off to get ready to go to our Superbowl party, where this year, I will enjoy the game and not just the commercials.

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