My Birthday

Well, Wednesday is my birthday and the celebrating is already almost over. I've already had my birthday dinners and opened 99% of my presents (or I should say that I helped open my presents - Dillon wouldn't leave them alone). There is only 1 slice of cake left. But, so far, it has been a great birthday. I got to eat at 2 of my favorite places - Ruth's Chris and Lucille's Smokehouse. I got lots of wonderful presents: a new Coach purse and wallet, a bunch of goodies from Crate & Barrel, gift cards to Target (my home away from home) and some money (which will be spent at C & B). It was really cool - I got presents each day from Wednesday until today - it was nice to not open them all at once. I don't have much else to say about my "birthweek" except: Thank you every one!! and here are some pictures:

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