The New Word

Today was an exciting day in the Slagle household...

Jason didn't have to work this morning, so we decided to go out to breakfast. It was pretty cool since how often do you get to go out to breakfast - as a family - on a weekday. The only time that this has ever happened for us, is when we have been on vacation. We didn't go anywhere all that special - just to IHOP - which is somewhere we never eat. Never. But, gasp, I felt like pancakes. Me, the one who doesn't eat breakfast foods for breakfast. Me, the "I'll have a club sandwich, no tomato with avocado" for breakfast girl. But, anyway, moving on... I was surprised to see how many youngish people there were eating breakfast, at 9:30 and on a Friday and in a restaurant, no less. I expected to see more older, retired people. Dillon sat in a "big boy" chair - which he loved. He really enjoys sitting in a high chair as opposed to being stuck in his baby car seat for the whole meal. He draws so much attention when we go out - more so now that he's not hidden away in his car seat. An older lady had to stop and tell us how cute he was on her way out and Dillon just had to flash his beautiful smile at her. And then there was the couple that sat in the booth next to our table - as soon as they sat down, Dillon turned on the charm. Well, anyway, none of this is really the point of my blog today, but it was exciting for us... so, once again, I'm moving on...

Dillon has been saying "mama" for months - since October, to be exact. He just babbles away, mamamamama. You say pretty much anything to him and his response is usually mamama or aaaaaaa. And if he wants your attention its: aa aa aa. You say "dada" to him, he says "mama" back. In fact, one day a few weeks ago, he got mad at Jason for saying "dada" to him. Their conversation went something like this:
Jas: da da
Dillon: ma ma
Jas: da da da
Dillon: a ma ma ma
Jason: da da
Dillon: MA MA!!!!!
We thought it was pretty funny, but still, I kinda felt bad. I have been working with Dillon on "da da" for months - even though Jason is convinced that I sit around all day just saying "ma ma".

Well, yesterday he upgraded his vocabulary to "yaya". Exciting! A new word. But, today, came a new word... finally, he uttered the word we have been waiting with baited breath for: da da.

When we got home from breakfast, Jason carried in the car seat and then took Dillon out. As soon as he popped up out of the chair, he smiled his huge heart melting smile at Jason and said "da da" and then hugged Jason. Jason & I looked at each other in surprise. My eyes watered and I swear that Jason was about to cry. It was really special and a great memory.

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Anonymous said...

That is exciting ... that Dillon said da da... ahh Im happy for you guys I cant wait till Colin is in that stage... hope all is going well. Keep in touch... - Christina