Dillon: Dog Person

Most people are either cat people or dog people. I think that Dillon has already made his decision. He is a dog person as he is terrified of cats.

Today we went on our weekly outing to my Sister-in-law's house. (Notice I said weekly, because this is important.) So, we get there and I bring Dillon in, in his carset. I put the carseat down and Sapphire (the kitty culprit) comes over to say Hello to Dillon. Meow... Now normally, Dillon just looks at the kitty or stares or sometimes he even smiles. And he has seen the cat many, many times over his 10 months on this planet (remember, I said we go there a lot?) But not today...

Meow. Dillon's little face scrunches up, his lips make a pout and he starts crying. A scared cry. We pick him up and he stops crying - that is until he see the cat again. Anytime the cat came near, he would do one of 4 things: turn his head away from Sapphire (out of sight out of mind), grab a fist full of shirt and cling on for dear life, try climbing up and over the shoulder of either Susan or me, or Cry.

Susan carried Dillon over to where Sas was perched on the table, Dillon clinging on with all his might, and I pet the kitty. Next we had Dillon pet the cat and he didn't seem to be as scared, until... Meow.

We were playing on the floor with Dillon and his toys. The cat walked over to check things out and Dillon climbs into my lap.

Oh well... Hopefully over time he will come to like cats (especially since he has to go around them quite a bit).

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