The Metal Apple

So, I just finished giving Dillon his lunch and am a little freaked out by what happened while preparing it. I scoured the pantry and the fridge looking for something to give him to go with his cereal. There was the obvious choice of a container of baby food - peaches and carrots are his favorite. Then there was always the diced baby foods that come in the jar. But, since we are in the process of introducing him to "real people food," I decided to fore go food by Gerber and just chop him up an apple. He sat in his high chair, chomping on his cheerios and patiently waiting for me to mix the cereal and slice and dice up the apple. The apple was soft, but I decided that it could be a little softer, since the little guy only has two teeth. This is the part where I become freaked. I put the small chunks of apple on a paper plate and popped it into the microwave for 15 seconds. 5 seconds passed and suddenly I heard a buzzing sound coming from the microwave - zzzzzzzz. I look in and the apple is sparking! I quickly open the microwave and inspect the apple and plate. Hmmm, strange, I think, as I toss the singed piece of apple in the trash. I decide to try again thinking that it must be a fluke. I stick it back in and 3 seconds pass - zzzzzzzzzz. Sparking again. I once again take it out and decide to just toss the stupid plate out (which now at this point has small burn marks on it). I put the apples into a glass bowl while thinking three things. 1. Maybe the plate isn't microwave safe (it's made of paper so how could that possibly be?), 2. Apples are NOT made of metal and 3. The third times the charm, right? So, I put the non-metal apples and the glass bowl back in the microwave. Bzzzzzzzz. I. Can. Not. Be. lieve. It!! Are you kidding me? The apples are still sparking and on the verge of catching on fire. So, by now, I am at my wits end and just throw out the stupid apples and open a jar of Gerber apple chunks. So much for the fresh food. Either we bought metal apples or something was possibly wrong with the knife. And since I know that apples are definitely not made of metal, I tossed the knife in the trash with the apples.

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